5 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow If You’re Into Calisthenics

The stuff they're doing looks impossible, but you'll still be inspired to try.

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Calisthenics has become so much more than its textbook definition – bodyweight training. While, technically, a simple air squat or basic push-up counts as calisthenics, it’s become a subculture – synonymous with street workout crews, gymnastics-inspired stunts and general badassery. But it’s not all about showing off.

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Ripped And Strong Without Lifting A Weight

As far as gains go, the mavericks of the fitness industry are onto something. Those gravity-defying feats that calisthenics is known for demand enormous core and upper-body strength. And while a complex move like a planche could take years to master (seriously, not even kidding) just training for it will get you impressively ripped. Plus, the regressions you’ll perfect along the way are pretty hardcore in themselves.

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Part Of The Tribe

Until recently, most mainstream gyms weren’t equipped for calisthenics training, so if you wanted to work on your human flag game, you had to go down to your local park or get creative with street poles. Inconvenient much? Totally. But it did create a cool, underground community vibe that’s carried into social media. Start tagging your posts with #calisthenics and next thing you know, you’ll be part of a supportive, encouraging online brotherhood you never knew existed. Basically the Illuminati, but with lats. Of course, where any number of humans gather, you’ll also find your share of douchebags. So we’ve rounded up 5 no-BS calisthenics accounts on Instagram that’ll help you set and hit your goals.

1. Frank Medrano

Follow him for inspiration @frank_medrano

Kind of to calisthenics what Robert De Niro is to gangster movies, the One-Punch Man doppelgänger has been through a pretty impressive transformation journey and is on a mission to help other people transform their bodies and lives with his online programmes. Personally, we’re just here for videos like this one…


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Turn the world into your personal playground. Happy Friday guys! GO GET IT! ? • ?????.????????????.???

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2. School of Calisthenics

Follow them for tips and advice @schoolofcalisthenics

Tim and Jacko are former rugby players who swapped the field for pull-up bars after being taken out by injury. Through workshops, virtual coaching platforms and online tutorials (some of them free!), their goal is to help their followers “redefine their impossible”.

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Even if you don’t commit to a programme, the feed has some solid advice for nailing everything from a handstand to a human flag. And some fun ideas of tricks to try with your mates. Don’t try this one at home (but tag us in the fails if you do…)

3. Kenneth Gallarzo

Follow him for beginner foundational exercises @Progressive_Calisthenics

Remember when we said it can take years to master some of the more advanced calisthenics moves? Ja, we weren’t joking. Calisthenics strength is not the same as weightlifting strength. So if you’ve never done bodyweight training before, building up some foundational strength is essential before you start going for gold. Gallarzo has some great drills for beginners. And mad skills.


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Without difficulty there is no growth! Challenges are simply opportunities to grow stronger! Gym: @coreevolution

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4. Barstarzz

Follow them for inspiration and community @Barstarzz

The ultimate expression of that community we mentioned earlier, Barstarzz is not one person, but a collective of people with nothing in common other than calisthenics. All around the world, they meet up in parks and outdoor gyms for free-styling sessions, battles and challenges. The best part of this video? The utter amazement from those little kids in the background. We kinda hope they grow up to be badass calisthenics athletes.


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Can Imagine How Much His Arms Must Have Hurt? ??⁣ @eddy_barstarzz⁣ ⁣ @barstarzz #barstarzz

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5. Matthew Uohara

Follow him to stay off the bench @leadersofmovement

Calisthenics isn’t known for having a high injury risk like, say, rugby or CrossFit, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get hurt. A big concern? Developing muscular imbalances because you’re not moving well so you’re not activating and recruiting the muscles that you should be. This dude’s feed may not be full of front levers and one-arm handstands, but his drills for increasing range of motion and strengthening your stabilisers will help you nail the show-off moves faster and without getting crocked.


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#infant #squat ?? #leadingthemovement #leadersofmovement

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