How To Master The Front Lever

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The front lever is just one of those exercises that just looks awesome. Not familiar with the term? It is a gymnastic and calisthenic move which is normally performed on the rings or the pull-up bar. Performed by lowering yourself from an inverted hang on the rings, or if on a pull-up bar, raising your legs until the body is completely horizontal and straight with the front of the body facing upwards.

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It’s a move that requires strong lats and phenomenal core strength.

If you’ve been following our #mhbeastmode competition on Instagram, you’ve probably seen it performed and watched slack-jawed while these guys seem to bend the laws of physics and defy gravity. You probably never imagined you’d be able to pull the move off yourself.

Not so fast.

Massimo Flaiani  is a calisthenics athlete who displayed such incredible core strength by performing a front lever (among other death-defying moves) in the #MHBeastMode compeittion. The epic move earned him a spot in the final. (He also walked away with an amazing Shower to Shower Men hamper and R2 000 cash.)

Here he demonstrates three exercises that will help get you to doing your own front lever. Do them and when you’re ready, try the move out yourself. Be sure to tag us!

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Exercise 1:  6-inch hold

Start by laying flat on your back with your feet together and arms to your side. While keeping your lower back in contact with the floor, raise your head and shoulders along with your legs until they’re about six inches above the floor. Raise your hands for more intensity. DO: Hold for 30 secs

Exercise 2:  L-sit > Toe to Bar

Grip the pull-up bar with your hands shoulder width apart. Raise your legs until your body is L-shaped. This is your starting position. Using your core strength, swing your legs up until your toes touch the bar and then return to the L position. That’s one rep. DO: 3 sets of 10 reps

Exercise 3: Extended 1 leg front lever

Similar to the Toe to Bar, you’ll need to grip the pull-up bar with your hands shoulder width apart. Lift your legs until your back is parallel to the ground. Keep your knees bent. Now stretch out one leg with losing form, and then alternate for the duration of the workout. DO: 3 sets of 5 reps (on each side)

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What is #MHBeastMode?

Men’s Health partnered with Shower to Shower Men to find SA’s best body-weight badasses and their fitness videos on Instagram. We wanted to see what your incredible feats of fitness and you did not disappoint. Hundreds of guys entered, 12 semi-finalists were chosen by the MH panel of judges and four were voted into the finals by you. The overall winner is being selected by the judges and will be announced in the August issue.

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