When Can You Stop Dieting?

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Make the shift from weight loss to maintenance when you see these signs…

WHEN…You’ve been dieting for six months
Research shows that every diet stops working around the six-month mark. In studies lasting a year or longer

WHEN…You’ve lost only 500g to a kilo in the past month
When your rate of weight loss slows to a crawl, it’s a sign that the diet is no longer working or that you’re unable to stick with it. Either way, it’s time for a change.st dieters typically regained a significant amount in the second six months.

WHEN…You’ve continually cut back on your daily kilojoules
Long-lasting kilojoule deficits slow your metabolism. And as your muscles become more efficient, your workouts burn fewer kilojoules and your weight loss stalls.

WHEN…You’re weaker in the gym.
Losing strength is a sign you’re losing muscle mass, failing to recover between workouts, or both. Your muscles may not be receiving the fuel they need.

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