Keep Your Weight Down During Lockdown With Help From These Guys

Weight loss advice from some of our inspiring transformation stories.

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Staying home doesn’t have to be synonymous with picking up weight – the kind you don’t want, that is. Take advice from some of the guys whose transformations we’ve featured in the past to keep that scale in check.


This is an extract from our August 2020 issue. For more lockdown-related fitness advice, make sure you get a digital copy ASAP.

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Give Your Chair A Break

Being sedentary is a shortcut to picking up unwanted weight. “Keep moving. Get up every 30 minutes and walk around, go outside and get some fresh air. Another important thing is posture. Don’t slouch! Stretching is crucial during this time as our movements are more limited than usual.” – Tyson Brinkley, sales exec

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Allow Yourself To Bounce Back

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“I could say it’s been easy [to keep the weight in check] during lockdown, but I’d be lying. Having to adapt from weighted training to bodyweight training has been a struggle. Not having the atmosphere, fellow gym buddies and essential equipment has also been a hurdle. But it’s all about discipline and I had to check myself and remind myself of my goals.” – Jody Williams, model

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Bust A Move

You don’t need a weight section to get some exercise. “Even though people who’ve seen me dance say I can’t dance, I figured out that I can use dancing to trick myself to start working out. The movements are not limited to a specific genre of dance. As long as you’re moving, it’s perfect.” – Musa Langa, group fitness trainer

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Get An Early Start

If your motivation dips as the day wears on, you’re not alone. “Most of us become lazy in the afternoon. We chill on the couch, and think of all the excuses not to train. Before we know it, the day is over. So I decided to train first thing in the morning. I’ve found that a resistance band is also very useful when working out at home.” – Jaco Smit, primary school teacher 

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Make It Personal

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Whatever your weight aspirations, clear goals are important. “Set goals that are based on you as an individual – your fitness level, body fat and training history – instead of just clicking on a random online programme. You need to follow a plan that suits you, instead of one that might be better for someone else. If it’s possible, get a trainer to guide you, even in lockdown.” – Tshepo Nyathi, personal trainer

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