Transform Club: This Guy Is Hacking His Physical Health For Peak Mental Performance

Trishan is shedding fat and transforming his mindset

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The situation: hundreds of Men’s Health readers applied to be part of the Transform Club 2017. We picked 6 guys to get free personal training and professional nutrition advice, and amazing gear from adidas as well as supplements from Nutritech. The only catch? They have to commit to transforming their bodies in 4 months.

Name: Trishan Moodley
Age: 25
Lives In: Johannesburg
Profession: Actuarial Analyst

Trishan used to be an active guy, but under the stress of university, he turned to food and an unhealthy student lifestyle. Term by term, the fat crept on. Now, he’s determined to not only reverse the weight-gain, but get ripped and lean like never before.

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“Fat is one of those evils that you take no notice of until you look in the mirror one day and wonder who is looking back at you,” Trishan says. “Suddenly, clothes don’t fit you the same, you are not as fit as you once were and often rather than trying to reverse it, your emotions get the better of you and you start spiralling even more out of control.”

1Like most guys, this isn’t the first time Trishan has tried to get in shape.

“I have embarked on the transformation journey many times,” he says. “Sadly, life often gets in the way and my fitness is unfortunately is the first thing to lose traction.”

But this time he’s determined to make a real change – and that’s why he signed up to Transform Club for expert guidance and the accountability of a personal trainer.

“For me, becoming a member of the club is more than just transforming my body, it is about transforming my mind-set, my habits and my way of life,” Trishan says. “I’ve reached a point in my life where being healthy and fit is more than just looking good.  Studying towards my board exams, I realise, now more than ever, that my mind has to be performing at its peak if I ever want to accomplish my goal of being a qualified actuary and accomplishing both my professional and personal goals.”

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So what keeps him going when he’d rather have a nap and a pizza?

“The prospect of a better future, and a life filled with success. For me it’s about achieving what my heart desires in life and this is a key component of keeping my engine running.”

Men’s Health has paired Trishan up with personal trainer, nutritionist and body builder Chaz Habib of Personal Nutrition By Chaz, who knows a thing or two about building a strong muscular physique. Check out his own transformation below.



The Strategy

1. Nutrition is key
“I have Trishan eating 6 meals per day. I gradually decrease his carbohydrates throughout the weeks and increase his intake of good fats. I meticulously count his calories. As long as his calorie output surpasses his calorie input, it will equate to a caloric deficit,” Chaz says.

Being Hindu, Trishan eats vegetarian a lot of the time, and his diet included a lot of fried food with plenty of butter and cream. It’s been a massive challenge to reduce his carbs and switch to healthier fats, but if he doesn’t, his trainer will know.

“Using a body fat caliper assessment, I’m able to see whether or not Trishan is following his meal plan,” says Chaz.

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Chaz has 3 simple rules when its comes to nutrition:

  1. Every meal must have protein, and no carb must be eaten without a protein (but a protein may be eaten without a carb).
  2. Avoid wheat; wheat is the enemy.
  3. Limit yourself to one healthy processed food per day such as 100% rye bread or granola. Basically, if you can’t pick it off a tree or pull it out the ground it’s probably processed.


2. Build functional strength and fitness

Chaz aims to get Trishan’s metabolism revving with a fair amount of resistance training, plyometric workouts amongst some explosive cardio exercises.

“Our workouts are full of moving, jumping, boxing and grinding some iron,” he says. “We are sure to fire up his metabolism and shed his fat while building lean muscle mass.”

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The final two weeks will be the deciding factor for Trishan.

“I’m hoping that he will be able to complete the advanced workouts I planned for the last 2 weeks to try and shed some more fat,” Chaz says. “If he can get through the last gruelling week of training, I assure you his fitness and strength levels will have increased drastically from when we started.”

Watch this space for Trishan’s transformation!

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