Transform Club: How To Lose Weight And Muscle Up When You Don’t Have Time To Exercise

Shaun is showing working dads that they can boss their careers, be a family guy AND have time to get shredded

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The situation: hundreds of Men’s Health readers applied to be part of the Transform Club 2017. We picked six guys to get free personal training and professional nutrition advice for four months, amazing gear from Adidas, as well as supplements from Nutritech. The only catch? They have to commit to transforming their bodies.

Name: Shaun Hangone
Age: 39
Lives in: Cape Town
Profession: Attorney

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Shaun applied to join the Transform Club because he wants to be able to keep up with his energetic, young son, and show busy dads that they can find time for fitness in their schedules. “I want to show all hard working fathers and husbands, who have long days and longer nights, that it is possible to eat right, train hard and keep weight off, despite demanding days,” he says.

We paired Shaun up with expert strength coach David Cross, who we knew would push him to his full potential.

“Shaun has a virtually zero starting point, so anything right now is an improvement,” David says. “I put in the hard work and made every day count; I expect the same with Shaun and anyone else wanting to change their life for the better. It takes planning, dedication and will power to make it happen and that’s the kind of effort Shaun will need to put in.”
David knows first-hand the kind of sweat and willpower it takes to transform your physique. He lost 29 kgs, then packed on insane muscle and strength. Check out his incredible transformation here.

Shaun is now 1 month into the challenge and already beginning to lose weight, while lifting heavy 4 times a week at David’s new gym, The Compound, in Bree Street.
“Our main goal is purely to have dropped about 10kg, be visually a lot leaner, reduce his measurements, and increase his strength numbers up all across the board,” David says.

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How is Shaun going to get there? With these two super-simple, super-effective hacks:

David knows that it’s useless to push hard in the gym then ruin your progress with a bad diet. He advises an If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM) approach, using an app like MyFitnessPal to track daily intake of protein, carbs and fat. Shaun has to be in a calorie deficit in order to lose weight, but that deficit is smaller on training days and bigger on rest or cardio days. Taking in slightly more calories on training days allows him to have energy to go hard in the gym.

If exercise is something you squeeze in IF you have some free time in your day, you’re doomed. Work commitments will take over your time and you’ll be left with a belly and your gym plans on the backburner. This has happened to Shaun before, so this time, he decided to write his gym sessions in his diary. “The training day is then set as an appointment in my diary, so regardless of court, travel plans, consultations etc. I have a commitment to the trainer to meet and train,” he says.

Fitting gym time into his day is Shaun’s single biggest challenge in his Transform Club journey – but he’s determined to get it done. “It’s a life choice,” he says. “Either try to remain healthy to help you cope with the stressful lifestyle and work environment… or resign yourself to an unhealthy lifestyle and the inherent risks such as blood pressure, obesity and simply buying bigger suits every year!”

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