This Man’s Secret Formula To Losing 35kgs

From dinner plates to stacking bigger weights.

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“You can’t go and play outside until you’ve eaten all your food.” – the one sentence that motivates every kid to make sure his plate is clean, and one that Wessel Taljaard was very familiar with. The 24-year-old technician’s eating habits as a young boy led to him tipping the scale at 117kg in high school.

But that was then; now, he’s stacking weights instead of dinner plates – and he keeps going back for more. This is his story.

Wessel Taljaard

  • Location: Bonnievale
  • Occupation: Technician
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 1.82m
  • Weight Before: 117kg
  • Weight After: 85kg
  • Time To Goal: 3 years

The Problem

“Growing up, I was taught to finish all my food. Even though I was eating healthy meals every day, I had trouble stopping after the first plate. Going for seconds and even thirds at dinner was normal. I was the chubby kid in primary school, and the overweight teen in high school.

“During my time in school I took part in sports, but it wasn’t enough. My overeating and lack of exercise resulted in me becoming a 117kg teenager.”

The Lesson: Healthy meals also need to be portioned correctly. If you put effort into your nutrition and training, you’ll maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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The Change

“After having my cholesterol tested at the doctor’s, I was shocked. My doctor called me at work and told me to see her as soon as possible. I have family who also suffer from very high cholesterol, and I seemed to be going down that same road. My cholesterol was alarmingly high for my age. She told me that if I didn’t make an immediate change, my health would worsen. Right there is when I shifted my focus to becoming healthy.”

The Lesson: Don’t wait for a medical professional to tell you that you need to stay healthy. Take action right now. You won’t regret it.

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The Strategy

“I knew that I had to join a gym and get proper guidance. That’s when I found FitStrong, co-owned by my trainer Trevor Lagerwey. I struggled in the first few months, losing confidence as the days went by. Then Trevor told me, ‘Wessel, this is going to take a long time, but consistency pays off ‘. After that I went to every class, and set small goals, like finishing a class. My fellow trainees also played a huge role in my success, and I went to see a dietician–it made all the difference.”

The Lesson: Find people who are brutally honest, and don’t take shortcuts – consistency is key.

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The Result

“I’ve learned to embrace the obstacles in life and create my own challenges. I’ve developed a passion for the training I do now – which I really didn’t enjoy at first. My confidence has improved, and my shyness is gone. I’m healthier, stronger, faster and happier than I’ve ever been. Since joining FitStrong I’ve also started participating in obstacle races – something I’d considered impossible before.”

The Lesson: Your fitness journey shouldn’t end with a six or eight-week weight-loss challenge – you should constantly seek new ways to challenge your fitness.


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