This Man Overcame Bullying, Bad Eating Habits And Lost 53kgs, Here’s How

Ryno Marx had been on the bigger end of the scale for most of his life; now the 24-year old has lowered his weight and raised his confidence.

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It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint

In a world filled with get-ripped-quick plans and Insta-fitness trends, it’s hard not to want to lose weight in the shortest time. But there are those who don’t aim for rushed results, and believe firmly in steady progress. Ryno Marx had been on the bigger end of the scale for most of his life; as a child he was made fun of because of it, which made the Cape Town kid turn to food for comfort. Now the 24-year-old has lowered his weight and raised his confidence. This is his story.

Ryno Marx

  • Location: Cape Town
  • Occupation: Systems Analyst
  • Age: 24
  • Height: 1.8m
  • Weight Before: 135kg
  • Weight After: 82kg
  • Time To Goal: 2.5 years

The Problem

“I’ve been a big eater all my life and as a result I’ve been overweight for as long as I can remember. Lack of exercise and overeating was a devastating combination. Being mocked by other kids while growing up didn’t help either. This shattered my confidence, leading to my need for comfort food. It’s quite ironic – I felt bad for how I looked and so I would eat more, which in turn made me feel even worse about my appearance.”

The lesson: It’s easy to comfort yourself with bad habits, but it’s no going to make your problems disappear. You have to work towards a positive outcome.

The Change

“When I weighed about 135 kilos, a good friend told me that I have the potential to be better. He said that I could focus all my energy and motivation towards a healthier lifestyle, and the benefits would be astonishing. It was a simple vote of confidence, but it made all the difference. I decided that I would improve my lifestyle, lose weight, and be an inspiration to those who find themselves in similar situations.”

The lesson: Surround yourself with the right people.Knowing that he had the support of friends and family made Ryno believe in his success story before he’d even started.

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The Strategy

“I wanted to lose weight, but not by using any weight-loss products. By doing it this way, I would inspire people to believe in themselves instead of some product. I started by eating more healthily and limiting my portion sizes, while going to gym at least twice a week. I developed a love for running. I started small, by doing my first park run to set a benchmark. Then I set realistic goals to work towards every week and every month.”

The lesson: Take baby steps, start small – just as long as you start. Be consistent, be disciplined, and the results will speak for themselves.

The Result

I am very blessed to have lost about 53kg, and have boosted my confidence. I also have a lot more energy. I did my first half marathon run in November 2018, which is a great achievement for me. A few years ago I would never have thought I’d be able to run such a distance. I’d say the greatest result for me is to be able to share my story with others and hopefully inspire and motivate them to believe in themselves.”

The lesson: Slow progress is still progress.Don’t rush your results. No matter how slowly you’re going, you are lapping everybody who’s still sitting on the couch.


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