This Man Lost Over 90 kg’s in Order to Join the Army

And he did it in just 14 months.

William Guinn Jr. had a childhood dream of joining the United States Army, but there was a major barrier to entry: his weight.

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Guinn decided that he wasn’t going to let the Army’s weight limit stand in his way and has lost over 90 kg’s in his quest to join the military. A major reason for his motivation was to follow in his grandparents’ footsteps, according to reports.

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The married father-of-four was sworn in to the Army in Dallas earlier this month, and explained to a local news outlet that he had a revelation in February 2016, realizing he had grown tired of being overweight. He then committed to working out with trainers and hitting the gym at Planet Fitness six days a week, in order to shed weight from his 207 kg  frame. He also ate healthy foods and sought the advice of a nutritionist in order to achieve his goals.

In 14 months he shed nearly half his body weight, enough to enlist. It took incredible dedication — the outlet reports that Guinn would sometimes follows his a two-hour gym session with an hour-long run.

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“It can be done and yes for those that didn[‘]t know [I was] trying to [get into the] military,” he wrote in a public post on Facebook. “[It] will be a great start for my career and to push [myself] harder than ever before. I will graduate from basic and M.I.T and start my career.”

As far as his body, he admits on Facebook, “I do see a change.”

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