This Man Lost 67kg

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To save his life, Etienne du Bruyn shed the equivalent of one of our staff members

Etienne du Bruyn, 28
Veneer manufacturing foreman
Weight before
Weight after
Time to goal
17 months

In matric 
I weighed well over 100kg and the weight kept piling on. Chest pains and headaches forced me to a doctor’s visit in 2012 that revealed near-fatal high blood pressure. My heart was taking too much strain carrying my weight and 
I was also a 20-a-day smoker. I was put on heart tablets – which I was told I would take for the rest of my life. My heart was a ticking time-bomb.

belly off

I knew I had to get 
my life back. But first I had to figure out what I should and shouldn’t be eating. Fast food, bad carbs and sugar had to go. Once my eating was on track, I had to quit smoking. It took lots of determination, mental fitness and sober thinking to kick the habit, but I stuck to my decision.

The first 32kg took a lot 
of discipline at home. I stuck to my eating plan and daily walks. Losing weight became harder and I still had a long way to go to reach my 50kg fat loss goal. I joined Sportcon in January 2013 and started with a metabolic resistance programme that consists of strength and conditioning, balance, mobility and bodyweight training, four to five days a week.

I’m proud of myself. I’m off my heart tablets, my blood pressure is normal and so am I. The best reward is my overall health and the chance to help other people reach their weight loss goals. A bonus for me is more confidence with the ladies and the respect I’ve earned from friends and family who stuck with me.

I’ve lost 67kg and went from 4XL and 3XL pants to size 36. I still have a long journey ahead to reach my next goal of building the body I want, but I’m joining the Sportcon staff and I hope to inspire a lot more people with my transformation to take on a healthier lifestyle.