These Men Lost Over 10KG In 14 Weeks With The #DanVsJason Challenge

Time to check the scale and see who won!

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We’ve reached the end of the #DanVsJason challenge, and while we await Dan Nicholl and Jason Goliath’s final weigh-in (which will be aired on the Dan Nicholl Show on Wednesday), let’s have a look at how the MH contestants who joined in on their weight loss challenge weighed in – plus who won!

These men had less than 4 months to shed the weight – all on their own, packed with tons of social media inspiration from Dan and Jason. At the end, there’s only one winner, who walks home with a R10 000 Adidas shopping experience, an appearance on The Dan Nicholl Show, as well as a spot in the May issue of Men’s Health.

Marco Jardim Said Bye To 11KG

IG: @marcofitnessjourney – posted on 25 March 2019.

“I have always wanted to lose weight but was never really motivated enough. This was the perfect challenge for me to start.”  – Marco Jardim

The 41-year-old from Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, started at 165kg and found it difficult to resist junk food in the early stages of the challenge. “Food is my biggest vice,” he admits. “I can resist alcohol and smoking from one day to the next but with food it’s more difficult.”

But Marco welcomed the challenge and worked his way down to 154kg, shedding an impressive 11 kilos. Throughout the past 3 months, he has looked towards Dan and Jason to keep him motivated and doesn’t plan on stopping until he reaches his goal weight of 115KG.

“With Dan and Jason, we got to see them live their lives and see them struggle with everyday temptations. I have gained huge respect for both of them. My goals are to lose more wight and take part in activities such as cycling and maybe even race in the near future. Hopefully, I can motivate someone like Dan and Jason did for me.”

Adeeb Abdurahman Beat The Dad Bod

@adeeb_abdurahman – Before and after

“My son would throw tantrums when I told him that play time was over because I got tired so quickly.” – Adeeb Abdurahman

Before the challenge, 33-year-old Adeeb Abdurahman from Cape Town, had given up on “quick weight loss” diets after not seeing any results, which made him go back to over-indulging with a “whatever” attitude.

But soon he would take the leap out of his comfort zone after a day at the park with his son. “When my two-year-old wanted to ride his bike and play, I wasn’t able to run for too long without losing my breath,” he recalls. “That was when it hit me that I wasn’t setting a good example with my health.”

Weighing in at 86KG, Adeeb came across the #DanVsJason challenge and, with some encouragement from his wife, took on the next 12 weeks with confidence. He stopped snoozing his alarms multiple times in the morning and started working out before work (without ditching time with the kids). He even got back into soccer training with more discipline than before.

Since the start of the challenge, he has lost 13.3KGs and has become more confident. “I bought a pair of jeans four years ago with the goal of fitting into them one day – I can proudly say that I can finally wear those very jeans,” he says.

He encourages anyone looking to make a healthy change in their lives to not give up, no matter how far the end goal seems.

“Find your passion and source of motivation. For me this was my family. Especially my sons, who will look at their father as healthy and active. Never discount your progress and always remember that slow progress is still progress.”

Kabelo Seete Met His Best Friend – Gym

“I finally put my years of “how to lose weight” search results to practice.” – Kabelo Seete

Kabelo is a 27-year-old student at North West University that started the weight loss challenge tipping the scale at 102.22KG with little motivation to decrease that number but just enough to begin this journey.

“I wanted to lose weight but I never took any steps towards it. My self-esteem was at zero,” he says.

“I remembered all the health risks that come with being obese and I was determined to not become a statistic. So I decided to join the gym”

Throughout the next 12 weeks Kabelo changed his eating habits and established a disciplined exercise regimen, which included doing various classes at the gym. “Just showing up was scary for me, because exercise and I were never friends,” he admits.

But on 25 March, the deadline for the challenge, Kabelo posted his final results revealing that he lost an incredible 14.2KGs, a figure that makes him the winner of the Dan Vs Jason Weight Loss Challenge.

“I have learned that my body and mind put together are stronger than I realised. My love for life is back. This challenge has truly made me a better man.”

Thomas Brook Leveled Up His Game

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“The hardest part for me was giving up my eating habits.” – Thomas Brook

35-year-old Thomas Brook weighed 106.5KG and had two main goals from the start: eat better, and hit below the 100KG mark. He had become accustomed to constant consumption of junk food and caffeine. “Being in IT, there is a culture of having lots of coffee and fast food deliveries – while staying seated all day in front of your PC.” he says.

But somehow he managed to defy the norm. “Changing the habits I had developed was tough. Stopping the snacks between meals, giving up thick crust pizza and bread. Exercise has always been enjoyable but sticking to healthy food choices have been my lifelong battle.”

Thomas also pulled inspiration from Dan Nicholl, whose consistent posting throughout the challenge kept everyone updated on his progress. “It’s great to see that it’s possible to make positive lifestyle changes despite having a busy schedule.”

Since starting the challenge, he has lost 14,7KG and has reached his goal of being under 100 kilos (91,8KG). Thomas now aims to do some more physical activities and hit below the 80KG mark. Although Thomas lost the most weight, his delay in posting his weigh in saw him lose out to Kabelo, due to the competition’s rules and regulations.

But we still couldn’t be prouder and more inspired by the avid mountain-biker, “I’m hoping to enter some MTB enduro races and ride more trails around the country. This journey has taught me that healthy options are available if you make the effort, and it’s never too late to start.”

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