How This 45-Year-Old Lost 21KG Doing Speed Shred, Our 12-Week Plan

“After 12 weeks of Speed Shred, I lost 17kg and then 4kg the following month."

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Speed Up With Age

Once an avid runner, 45-year-old Terence Burger was injured and couldn’t hit the tar for eight months. When he recovered, he pushed himself to train harder (and better). That’s how he discovered our 12-week programme Speed Shred, and shed 21kg of flab in just 16 weeks. This incredible transformation earned Terence a feature in our April issue, which can be purchased online at Magzter and Zinio. This is his weight-loss journey.

Terence Burger

  • Age: 45
  • Occupation: Claims Assessor
  • Location: Polokwane
  • Weight Before: 96kg
  • Weight after: 75kg
  • Time To Goal: 4 months


“After turning 40, I gained a lot of weight. Usually, I’d shed the extra weight training for the Comrades Marathon. But after hitting the big four-oh I noticed that I wasn’t losing the kilos as quickly as before. Nobody else seemed to notice my weight gain, but I was getting heavier at that starting line every year and I felt it when I ran.”

The lesson: Leading exercise physiologists have discovered that by age 40, the body’s metabolism slows down by 4%. So don’t train less when you turn 40; train harder!

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“In January last year, I got a running injury and I couldn’t train. Eight months after the injury I went from a fit 78kg to a heavy 96kg. I knew I had picked up weight, but I only noticed when I saw a photo that my running partner took of me. I did not like what I saw. I knew I had to lose the weight.”

The lesson: Pay attention to when you’re making progress (and when you’re losing ground). Hold yourself accountable.


“In September 2019, I bought a Men’s Health magazine and saw an advert for Speed Shred. This was the bodyweight training I needed. I joined the programme, and even convinced a friend to join me. That next week I started following the eating and workout plan three days a week, which I later increased to four days a week.”

The lesson: If you’re stuck, get a solid plan. Knowing exactly what you’re going to eat and how you’re going to train each day makes it easier to make healthy choices.

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“After 12 weeks of Speed Shred, I lost 17kg and then 4kg the following month. That’s 21kg in four months. That heavy feeling when I ran was gone. I feel that now, in my 40s, I am in better shape than I ever was in my 30s. This style of training makes me excited for the next session. And I now have the ability to push myself harder than ever before.”

The lesson: You don’t need an expensive gym contract or even gym equipment to get a good workout. Your body is your gym – you can train anywhere at any time.


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Lessons From Speed Shred

Inspired by Terence’s impressive transformation? Use his advice to sign up and start shredding:

  • Weight loss starts in the kitchen. “The eating plan is so simple to follow, and it just never felt as if I was on a diet.”
  • Be prepared to put in the work. “I absolutely loved the exercise plans. They were the most challenging exercises I had done in years and the combination of exercises really tested me.”
  • You need to want it.“You first need to make a commitment to change and believe in your strategy before you’ll be motivated to push yourself towards that next goal.”
  • When the going gets tough, hang in there.“We’re just human. Some days you’ll feel that you can conquer the world and some days it’ll feel like the world will conquer you. Stick with it, the end will be worth it.”
  • Cut yourself some slack. “A motto I learnt from following Speed Shred: if you have an off day or you can’t complete your workout, it’s not a problem – life happens. Try it again the next day!”


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