Spare Tyre To Six Pack

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Melt Fat on 
Your Bike
WH Stander, 24, Lainsburg, Contract Quality Inspector

Weight: 11kg | Waist: 18cm | Chest: 10cm

Stander Before

In a matter of months, Stander went from being overweight to building his best body. He radically changed the way he ate and exercised, and it’s changed the way he sees himself. “Now I feel like I look, and I’m looking the best I’ve ever looked, so I feel 
the best I’ve ever felt,” he says.
Before he unearthed his 
six-pack, Stander had to find the 
motivation to lose the crucial centimetres. “A friend told me once, ‘Even if you go to the gym and walk back, you have beaten the coach potato that you once were.’”
A healthy body gives you a healthy mind, and it makes 
everything better. It’s made me 
a healthier person and it makes me feel like a man, and a damn good one as well.

Stander’s Top Tips

1. Man Up!
“My advice is just get off your ass and get started. Getting started is the hardest part but once you’re in there and you see the first kilogram is lost, it’s the best feeling ever. 
Do it. Your body deserves it.”

2. Get Psyched
“My biggest motivation was 
wanting to be in the Top 10 so bad. 
That just gave me that extra push to work harder. Summer is coming and I want a better-looking body for the beach.”

3. More meals, Less Fat
“I was just living to eat. I ate chocolates, pasta, and I only ate twice a day. Then I changed to eating to live – I ate six meals a day in smaller portions. Changing the eating plan was the hardest challenge but it was worth fighting for.”

4. Shred Your Gut
“You won’t lose weight if you don’t exercise. I did loads of cardio – running, swimming, cycling. Get out there and you’ll clear your mind when you jog or cycle.”

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