Small Goals, Big Weight Loss

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Dani’yal Maneveld, 28, Cape Town, Structural Draughtsman

Weight: 15kg | Waist: 27cm | Chest: 18cm


“I was fat all my life, and since I was a child I’ve had very bad asthma,” says Maneveld. “I couldn’t even run for a minute before I started this programme.
“My plan was to lose a lot of weight and get fit really quickly, and it spilled over into other aspects of my life – like my 
personal and my professional 
life – as well. I’ve won back my confidence and my self-esteem. 
I’ve never had a six-pack and I’m aiming for that this summer.”


1. Strength and Speed
“I was doing five sessions of cardio and five sessions of weight training a week, with cardio in the morning and then weights at night.”

2. Stretch Your Limits
Maneveld added Seni Silat, a 
Malaysian martial art, to his training. “It helps a lot with flexibility and I used those sessions as my stretch sessions, as well as for hand-to-eye coordination.”

3. Rev Your Fat Furnace
“My cardio was quite strenuous. 
I used HIIT training where I would run for a minute, then rest for about one and a half minutes. I do it at about 60% rest and then 80 to 90% at full blast.”

4. Revamp Your Plate
“My eating habits have changed 
immensely,” says Maneveld. 
“My diet mostly comprises of veggies and stir-fries, grilled chicken, grilled trout, and then one day over the weekend is my red meat day.”

5. Challenge Yourself
“I would say the best thing to do is to have a goal in mind and to work towards it. Don’t set yourself too many big goals – do it with small, daily goals.”

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