Rick Ross And #RossFit

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Rick Ross, the biggest boss of Rap, has recently been slimming down. In an interview with veteran UK radio personality, Tim Westwood, Rozay explains how he has been inspired to change both his exercise regime and diet in order to get into shape. His reasons behind the new workout plan are probably due to past hospital scares, so it is very understandable for him to start making these changes.

CrossFit as everyone commonly knows it has helped the big man transform his body remarkably. He calls it #RossFit . After being introduced to a trainer by Reebok, then dropped by them as a sponsor because of lyrics in a song describing date rape, the Rap star learned the benefits of CrossFit. Running on a treadmill for thirty minutes does burn calories but CrossFit allows you to both burn calories while building muscle at the same time.

“So, its like you working out for a shorter time.” He told Tim.

The only exercise Rozay had done before that was as he puts it “… stand up and count the money.” But exercise is only the half of his new lifestyle changes and healthy living plan. Diet plays a big role too and the star has switched up his diet that now includes a lot of fruit like pears.

Now, they give me fruit to eat. I forgot what fruit tasted like. I eat pears now, and sh*t like that.”

Ross has endured a remarkable career so far. Having five gold albums, hit after hit and a massive following that keeps growing. The way it is going for him the star might need to be more involved in performing more often over the next decade and his weight could have been a physically demanding problem. He acknowledges that the workouts can be tough but strongly believes in it and says that other workouts are a waste of time.

“If you just do seven minutes of this, everything else you been doing, you really wasting your time because it’s just constant movement.”

In the interview with Tim the big boss of rap also poked a bit of fun at the whole Solange-Jay Z elevator incident but still thinks the little sister of iconic Beyoncé is very sexy.

“Solange is … hmm … Solange is Sexy. Solange is … her future is bright,” he said licking his lips, “I ain’t gon’ lie. I got love for Solange. She look sexy to me. That somebody you could leave the money bag with.”

RossFit is doing him wonders and the rapper does not look like he is pregnant anymore. He ain’t got any choppers in the back but more like a fruit salad, gym equipment and a brand new look. Rick Ross – the big, HEALTHY boss of rap and a great example for those out there wanting to begin CrossFit.

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