Redaa Dollie Lost 16kgs In Just 12 Weeks To Get Insta-Fit, Here’s How

It took more than a double-tap and a swipe to get there.

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The Instagram-Fit Formula

Redaa Dollie always aspired to be an important figure in the world of fitness, but his body didn’t quite show it for most of his life. There came a time where he endured a lot of ridicule for the shape he was in, which led to a high level of doubt in the young man’s mind. But the dream, however impossible it seemed, was still fitness-focused.

Redaa Dollie

redaa dollie
  • Location: Cape Town
  • Occupation: Personal Trainer
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 1.71m
  • Weight Before: 90kg
  • Weight After: 74 kg
  • Time To Goal: 12 weeks

A mindset switch was Redaa’s first step to deadlifting all of his sorrows and sprinting to where he wanted to be. Today, the 23-year old is a personal trainer with a client list that features some of Cape Town’s popular social media influencers such as Rushana Isaacs, Qaanita Orrie and Jade Robertson. This is his story.

“At some point, you just get tired of all the name-calling and the silly ‘fat’ jokes. I didn’t want to be that chubby, out-of-shape dude working in the fitness industry,” he says. “I wanted to be someone people could look at and turn to for advice. I wasn’t looking anywhere near that.”

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And it took more than a double-tap and a swipe to get there. Redaa took a good look at himself ,and decided that he would dedicate every day to achieving his goals.

“When you’re busy all day, you don’t stop to actually look at yourself, and assess where your life is at right now.”

“I got up at 5am every morning to do my fasted cardio, every day, for six days of the week. I then returned to the gym later the evening for weight training. I made sure my diet was on point, I remained in a caloric deficit every week, thus ensuring I lost 0.5kg to 1kg a week. I did this every day, every week, for 12 weeks.”

“I’m 16kg lighter, feeling and looking good. Gone are the days I had to sit with my top on at the beach, gone are the days I didn’t feel worthy of giving advice – and gone are the days of name-calling.”


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