Newsflash: The 5 New Ways To Lose Weight

These are the latest studies, gear and tech that provide you with everything you need in order to shed those kilos

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These are the latest studies, gear and tech that provide you with everything you need in order to shed those kilos and become a better you this year.

Outwit Hunger

The vBloc Maestro system, an alternative to bariatric surgery, involves implanting a pacemaker-type device under your skin near your stomach. It emits electrical pulses to your vagus nerve to block hunger signals between your brain and stomach, tricking your brain into thinking your belly is full. In a new study in the journal Obesity Surgery, this device was found to significantly boost weight loss.

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Keep BPA Away

Plastic could give you a paunch. A 2017 University of Iowa study found that obese people tended to have higher levels of BPA (bisphenol A), a compound in plastic linked to hormone disruption. It can interfere with insulin production by mimicking estrogen, possibly leading to insulin resistance, a risk factor for obesity. Look for food packed in BPA-free plastic and cans, and eat less fast food.

See Fat Vanish

ShapeScale (available April 2018) uses 3D scanning to create a digital avatar of your body that you can access on your smartphone. It provides body composition stats, such as the size of your biceps or where fat has accumulated. The payoff? Tracking not just kilograms but body composition – what’s shrinking, what’s growing – is a major weightloss motivator, a Turkish study found.

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Beat Cravings

Let technology help you lose weight. The BPA-free kSafe (from R700, thekitchensafe. com) looks like ordinary Tupperware but has a lock and timer. Your food stays locked away for a preset period as your craving passes. An app in testing called OnTrack uses an algorithm to determine when you’re most at risk of cheating, and coaches you through those risky biscuit-munching moments.

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Train Your Brain

We’re wired to crave sugar, but you may be able to improve your “inhibitory control” to resist that slice of cheesecake, says Evan Forman, a Drexel University psychologist. He and his colleagues developed a programme to help people reprogram their responses to unhealthy foods. Try a similar strategy: take note of when you’re tempted, and deliberately resist. The more you do it, the better you’ll get.

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