How This Sales Manager Got Stronger, Faster & Lost 10KG In Just 10 Weeks

34-year-old Lampies Lambrechts bounced back from injury and trained harder than ever.

Thaaqib Daniels, Photography by Ntebatse Mokone |

Pursuit of Power

We’re creatures of habit, and sometimes those habits are so deeply embedded in our routines that we don’t even realise they’re derailing our fitness goals. Lampies Lambrechts, a sales manager from Polokwane, was always chowing down while driving long distances as part of his job – but the options for padkos weren’t exactly the healthiest. That’s the kind of habit that’ll net you a dad bod and frequent trips to the GP. Instead of surrendering to the boep, the 34-year-old went back to the drawing board and swapped bad habits for big gains.

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Lampies Lambrechts

  • Age: 34
  • Occupation: Sales Manager
  • Location: Polokwane
  • Weight Before: 124kg
  • Weight after: 110kg
  • Time To Goal: 10 weeks

The Problem

“For the longest time, I lived a very unhealthy lifestyle. I ate what I wanted and was barely active. And that pushed up my weight along with my blood pressure and cholesterol… by a lot. A visit to the doctor gave me a much- needed wake-up call. I was left with a choice: either change my ways immediately or I’d have to take prescribed meds for the rest of my life. I chose to join the gym.”

The lesson: Make the conscious decision to change today, because you might not be able to do it tomorrow.

The Change

“After training without any guidance and suffering a few minor injuries here and there, I tore my left bicep in 2018. This forced my training to a complete stand- still. After 5 months of recovery I came across a 10-week body makeover challenge run by Hennie Kotze from Body Guru (Pretoria). I immediately made contact with Hennie to take part in the next available challenge. Then we got to working.”

The lesson: Find someone that can give you the knowledge and understanding to achieve your goals and maintain consistent results.

The Strategy

“My goal was to win the weight loss challenge and push myself harder than I had ever done before. Hennie coached me for the first four weeks, helping me understand the purpose of his programme. My family and I then moved to Polokwane and I was able to train on my own with some online guidance from Hennie. I trained twice daily: 45-minute cardio sessions in the morning and then up to 60 minutes of weight training in the evening. Meal prepping and nutrient timing was crucial because I was balancing training and a full-time job.”

The lesson: A good support structure will help you achieve your goals. My wife helped with meal prepping and my coach was there to motivate me when it got tough.

The Result

“I lost 14kg and my body fat dropped from 24% to about 8% by the end of the challenge. After seeing the results, Hennie kept training me and pushed me for another four weeks to make my dream of competing in an amateur bodybuilding competition come true. I feel like a completely new person. My concentration is better and I’m the fittest that I’ve ever been.”

The lesson: Every challenge you face along the way preps you for the next one. And it’s going to be tough, but make sure you enjoy the ride.

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