How Jody Williams Went From Scrawny To Brawny In 15 Months

“I still remember the first time I went to the  gym–I was so intimidated, and I always compared myself to all the bigger and stronger guys.”

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The early stage of getting into exercise is always the most intimidating. There are people everywhere at the gym, and everyone looks like they know what they’re doing. Meanwhile, you’re just trying not to get in anyone’s mirror space. Twenty-three-year-old Jody Williams had that experience not too long ago, when he decided to pursue his dream body. But he soon overcame the initial awkward phase, and dedicated himself to lifting and sweating his way out of his skinny frame.

Jody Williams

  • Age: 23
  • Occupation: Model; Actor
  • Location: Cape Town
  • Weight Before: 59KG
  • Weight After: 64KG
  • Time To Goal: 15 months

The Big Idea

“I always wanted to be shredded and ripped like a fitness model, but I never thought it was possible for me because of my fast metabolism. I thought that by stuffing myself and eating more I could gain weight, and work with that weight to build muscle.

“That never happened. I was unhappy, disappointed. I thought I was going to stay skinny forever.”

Find What Works

“I went through the typical fitness slump after high school because I wasn’t playing competitive sports anymore. My busy schedule didn’t allow much sporting activity. Eventually I joined the gym, and started working out regularly.

“I still remember the first time I went to the  gym–I was so intimidated, and I always compared myself to all the bigger and stronger guys.”

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Get Clued Up

“I kept telling myself that everybody had to start somewhere; and that kept me going. I started browsing the web for tips, and came across a few fitness pages on Instagram.

“This gave me insight into different body types, and how each body type is different. I started to learn about my body type, and found out that there are people with fast metabolisms who have the body I dreamt of having.”

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The Bigger Picture

“I learnt that gaining muscle is more than just going to the gym, and that nutrition is vital for muscle growth. Because I have a fast metabolism, my body needed a lot of good nutrition – especially protein – to help build muscle, as there was hardly anything to work with (besides skin and bone).

“I created my own personalised weekly workout schedule, five days of training per week. I trained two body parts a day: a big one, like the chest, and a small one, like triceps. I recorded my PBs so I could monitor my strength and challenge myself to do better every session. I also made sure that I got sufficient protein and drank enough water.

“In 15 months, I gained 5kg of lean muscle. I’m mentally and physically stronger than I’ve ever been. I’m confident, self-driven and disciplined, which allows me to focus on my goals and create my own motivation. Overall, I’m just a happier person.”

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