Is Game of Thrones Making You Fat?

Are you starting to look more and more like Sam? This might be why

Losing as little as 30 minutes of sleep on weekdays could increase your risk of obesity significantly, as a recent Journal of Health Psychology steady reveals. 522 patients with Type 2 diabetes completed sleep diaries; those who built up weekday sleep debt were 72% more likely to be obese.

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Skimming off some decent shut-eye is linked to overeating as kilojoule intake following a poor night of sleep may increase as much as 20%, as you tend to seek out foods rich in carbs and fat – and fewer fruits and vegetables when sleep-deprived.

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Restrict your binge watching to the weekends (if you have to indulge), and restrict yourself to an episode of Thrones a day. Or try out this work out and go from Sam to HAM with Jon Snow’s ultimate workout




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