How Musa Langa Lost 30kgs And Started His Own Training Programme

Musa lost his way, going from a size 34 to 38 pants in the space of ten months. Here's how he got back on track.

Thaaqib Daniels |

Rugby, athletics and modelling – these were the three factors that kept a young Musa Langa focused on staying in shape. But soon these pillars slipped away, as the man from Durban shifted his focus elsewhere.

Musa Langa – The General

  • Location: Durban
  • Occupation: Clinical Technologist
  • Age: 28
  • Height: 2m
  • Weight Before: 120kg
  • Weight After: 90kg
  • Time To Goal: 5 Months

Musa was doing well after graduating from university – he got a full-time job, bought himself a car, and was keeping his focus on work. However, there was a downside to all of this…

“I could afford to eat fast food every day and consume alcohol on weekends. And having a car decreased my mobility. I gained weight, and went from size 34 to size 38 in the space of 10 months,” he says.

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“I started experiencing chest pain and difficulty in breathing whenever I tried to exercise. Buying clothes became a nightmare, because the clothes I liked didn’t fit me.”

It was then that Musa decided to go back to his old ways, and train like he used to back in his athletic days. He also started researching different training methods, trying to create a workout programme for himself that targeted weight loss over a gradual period of time.

“This is when I started my own bodyweight training routine, called The General Njiniyela Training Programme. I’ve been using it since 2016. I have managed to share this programme with my friends and many others through a training group called Zulutransfomerz.

By putting together the routine and sharing it with those around him, Musa found a new calling, and gained new appreciation for fitness. “This journey has given me more reason to continue pushing myself and maintaining a positive attitude. My overall functionality and mobility is improving with each training session. I now train for more than just aesthetic purposes. I’m driven by the need to live a more efficient and healthier life.”

Musa is now a member of the Zulutransformerz, a group of fitness enthusiasts who lend their health expertise to their local community, and help their clients fulfil their goals and pull off incredible transformations.

“Wherever there’s positivity, all good things are possible; it is our responsibility to instigate and maintain positivity around us at all times.”


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