How Ruan du Preez Combined Bodybuilding With Business & Gained 14KG Of Pure Muscle

Ruan is an attorney by day, but outside of office hours, he swaps his suit and tie for bodybuilding attire, when he gets on the stage as a competitor.

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28-year-old Ruan du Preez from Jozi leads two very different lives. He’s the owner of Ruan du Preez Incorporated, an attorney and conveyancing company that handles legal issues such as litigation and family law. Outside of office hours, he swaps his suit and tie for more minimal attire, when he gets on stage as a physique competitor. But this wasn’t always the case. A couple of years back, Ruan wasn’t nearly as fit as he wanted to be. It was by finding a formula that worked for him personally that Ruan was able to follow in his bodybuilding idols’ footsteps, and own the stage.

Ruan du Preez

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  • Age: 28
  • Location: Roodepoort
  • Occupation: Attorney, Physique competitor
  • Weight Before: 80KG
  • Weight After: 94KG
  • Time To Goal: 2 years

Mind & Muscle

“My fitness journey started in first-year varsity, when I moved in to hostel. When I got there, all the guys were big, with beards, and were clearly gym-ing. I was by far the smallest guy there.

“My roommate had attended Grey College, where he had played rugby, and he was also very muscular. So I asked him if I could train with him, because I wanted to get bigger. We didn’t really train that seriously then, because we loved the varsity party lifestyle as well as the gym!

“But after varsity, when I started working, I still had the desire to be a stronger, fitter person.”

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Call An Expert

“I contacted [bodybuilding coach and trainer] George Herwill. Under George’s guidance, I learnt how to diet, and he introduced me to a more structured training regime. He also sat down with me to discuss my goals, and together we made a plan for how to reach them.”

Ruan now trains on his own, using the tips he picked up from George and other trainers along the way.

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Make It A Habit

“I now train every day – fasted cardio in the morning before work, and then weight training after I clock out. I also focus a lot on my nutrition, which played a big role in my transformation. From following no diet at all to having a strict diet with a healthy number of kilojoules per day, I’ve reduced my body fat and gained quality lean muscle.”

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Set A Goal

“I’ve competed in two PCA (Physical Culture Association) events, which has been a goal of mine for some time. I look up to local bodybuilder Jaco de Bruyn. I honestly think he is the reason most guys start training and want to get on stage. I’m off season for now, but I can’t wait until next year to compete again!”

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