How Peter Carvell Lost 43Kgs And Gained A Million Youtube Subscribers

He was in our weight-loss section in 2007. Despite his transformation being over a decade ago, Peter has maintained his momentum.

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The Belly-Blast From The Past

Meet Peter Carvell, a 39-year-old fitness trainer who was in our weight-loss section in 2007. Despite his transformation being over a decade ago, Peter has maintained his momentum.

Peter Carvell

  • Location: Pretoria
  • Occupation: Online Fitness Trainer
  • Age: 39
  • Height: 1.82m
  • Weight Before: 125kg
  • Weight After: 82kg
  • Time To Goal: 6 months

He is now a home fitness expert, online training coach and the creator of Peter has major influence on the SA fitness community with over a million subscribers on his YouTube channel. It’s hard to believe that this is the same man who let himself go back in ’07. This is his story.

“I worked as a personal trainer in the UK for four years before our company was sold and we all lost our jobs. I found myself back in South Africa without a job, no friends, broke, and living on my brother’s couch, with an increased level of depression – which led to me picking up another 50kg in about three years.”

“My brother asked me to help him push his wife’s car one morning, and I fainted. I ended up at hospital to see if I’d had a heart attack, but luckily it was nothing serious. I was only 26, so I decided that I had to get back in shape and improve my health.”

“My brother had a gym membership he wasn’t using so I started just going to the gym and doing spinning classes, and tried to remove the unhealthiest food from my eating plan. This helped me lose the first 7kg, after which I decided to get more focused.”

But Peter faced another problem when his bro’s membership expired. He had nowhere to train.

So, how did he do it? It’s simple, really. “I created HIIT workouts, MRT workouts, and density and volume training muscle-building workouts, using mainly my body weight and some dumbbells and barbells I had; and I started training six days per week, for around 30-45min per day.”

That’s the secret – so what are you waiting for?



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