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Mark Constable, 40, Kuils River, Financial Advisor

Weight: 14kg | Waist: 18cm | Chest: 7cm


“This Belly Off! Challenge is becoming a lifestyle for me,” says Constable. “It changed the way I look at food and the way I look at myself.” He’s been reading Men’s Health since 2005 and had always wanted to feature in the magazine. All it took was losing 13.5kg.
“My whole life’s worth of 
eating and training I actually learned in three months,” he 
says. “Sometimes I can’t stop 
talking to  people about what I 
did and how I did it. Losing weight isn’t only what’s on the scale, it’s what compliments people can give you on your body and the 
way you look – you look more 
confident and the confidence comes through.”


1. DIY Muscle
Instead of signing a contract, 
he started to train at home. “I 
created a home gym and I’m amazed with how I transformed over the challenge.”

2. Smash Your Limits
A significant challenge for Constable was when he hit a plateau 
in the programme. “Everything 
just stagnates and you stay on 
that same level. It took me about 
a week to get through that.”

3. Kickstart Your Metabolism
“What I’ve learned over the three months is you get a belly because your metabolism is very slow and you need to kickstart it, so I started eating six times a day.”

4. Challenge Yourself
“Anyone can lose weight so what you need to do is commit yourself and make it a priority to start. The most important thing is to ask, ‘Why do I want to lose weight?’ Every time I want to give up I’ll 
ask myself that question.

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