Hit A Plateau? Here’s How This Guy Broke Through & Dropped 26kg

Robert Cable overcame plateaus and obstacles by enlisting the help of a personal trainer buddy

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There’s nothing sneakier than weight gain. Yes, if you’re looking at a scale daily you’ll notice kilogram creep, but the realisation happens most often when your clothes get tight and your face and body look swollen in photos. For the most part, the fat gain happens quickly and quietly. Due to a few tough events, in July 2016 Robert Cable was forced to take stock of his life, and it made him realise that his weight gain and unhealthy lifestyle were affecting him both mentally and physically. With the help of his friend and personal trainer, Tiaan Visagie, here’s how he fixed it all:

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2Occupation: Videographer
Age: 20
Height: 1.75m
Weight Before: 102kg
Weight After: 76kg
Time To Goal: 8 Months

1. The Problem

“My biggest issue was that I never exercised, and that lack of sport and movement was a problem for me from the start. Even though I played rugby in high school, as a prop I didn’t really run around much. I also had really unhealthy eating habits, exchanging fruits and veggies for sweets and junk food. Binge eating was part of my daily routine, and drinking happened every weekend.”

The Lesson: You can’t be perfect, but you need to strive for balance in your life. Yes, you’re allowed to watch the game and have a beer with your mates, but it’s all about moderation.

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2. The Change

“I hit rock bottom in July 2016. I went through a really tough time in my life, and I thought that losing weight would’ve fixed my problems. And even though losing the bad weight didn’t fix all of the problems I faced, it definitely made my life a whole lot better. I began my weight loss journey by counting kilojoules, and by restricting myself strictly to eat only 6 300 kilojoules a day.”

The Lesson: Tough times force change in your life, and it’s up to you to make that change positive or negative. Create the right training and life goals, and you’ll come out the other side a better person (and a whole lot slimmer and stronger).


3. The Strategy

“After losing my first 10kg, I hit a plateau, and my weight loss came to an abrupt halt. I felt discouraged, and didn’t know what to do. Thankfully, I remembered that my good friend Tiaan Visagie had recently become a personal trainer, and so I decided to use his expertise to help me break through the plateau to lose weight and build muscle in a healthy, sustainable way.”

The Lesson: Whether it’s a dietician or a personal trainer (or both), you need help from experts. Not only do they have the knowledge you need, they will also help to hold you accountable for your goals. Yes, it will cost you money; but you always be able to break through a plateau without them.

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4. The Result

“After following the training program and diet that Tiaan provided, I managed to lose over 25kg, and 18% body fat. I feel better than ever before, and my confidence has skyrocketed! Even though I’m not where I want to be yet, I know that by following this path I’ll be there in no time!”

The Lesson: Never give up. Eventually, results will come; and they will be worth it. Most men give up too early. And you should recruit your friends and family into your training plans – they’ll help to keep you honest and motivated. Lastly, keep elevating your goals (especially in your weight lifting) – you should always have something to beat.

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Coach’s Corner

The Fitter Four

Tiaan Visagie’s workout plans focus on longevity. “I always choose exercises that the client enjoys, but are also effective.” Here are Robert’s four potent favourites that helped him break through his plateau:

1. One-Arm Push-Up: “Because Robert was a big guy to start with, he struggled with regular push-ups. The day he started doing one-arm push ups, he couldn’t get enough of them,” says Tiaan.

2. Pull-Ups: “When he was a heavier guy, it was a dream of Robert’s to be able to do a full set of pull-ups,” Tiaan explains.

3. DB Benchpress: The original chest- and tricep-building supermove. The dumbbells force more core control than the barbell version.

4. DB Squats: It’s your classic squat combined with your press, building leg and core power and shoring up your shoulders too.

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