He Lost 13kg In 5 Months!

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Spencer-Nel lost 13kg In 5 months, which he achieved by rebooting his life by cleaning up his diet and adding sport to his exercise plan.

Spencer-Nel Stevens, 26, Cape Town, Digital magazine sales manager
Height: 1.76m
Weight before: 90kg
Weight after: 77kg
Time to goal: 5 months

Spencer-Nel Before

I could blame it all on a slowing metabolism, 
hectic working life and stress, but deep down it was just me. 
I had bad eating habits. I smashed a lot 
of pastries, sugary drinks and treats and failed to exercise regularly.

I’ve attempted the Men’s Health Belly Off! Challenge before, but always ended up with a “Before” picture and never an “After”. This is the first time I’ve maintained it and changed my lifestyle so that my aim is to be fit and healthy, not just to lose weight. I saw myself in the mirror one day and couldn’t believe it was me. 
I felt tired, heavy 
and ugly, like I was trapped in my own body. I had to make 
a change.

Last year I decided to do the Belly Off! Challenge and strictly 
follow the cardio 
and weight-training guidelines, which I hadn’t done in the past. Unfortunately, my eating plan wasn’t perfect, so results were slow. I then switched to an eating plan called the SleekGeek Reboot and it really kicked my metabolism into gear. After that I did another challenge (workouts and eating plan), and went down to 76kg – without stepping into a gym!

More energy, better sleep, stronger stamina 
and I’m more alert 
at work – without 
having to down litres of coffee. I consider 
it an all-round life-improvement. The back pain I had from my boep is also under control now. Stop 
listening to the excuses in your head and you’ll make the 
progress you want to.

I’ve incorporated living healthily and exercising into my life and made it a habit. 
I eat healthier and exercise because I want to and have fun doing it. I do weight-training, cardio, 
running short distances and my favourite; soccer cardio. Although my weight varies between 77 to 80kg, my life is far better than it was

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