Handheld Device To Measure Fat-Burning

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You may now be able to track the pounds you’re shaving off while you’re on the go – using a new handheld device developed by Japanese researchers.

The breath analyser (not to be confused for breathalyser) works by measuring acetone levels, which the researchers say is produced when the human body metabolises fat. This is then expelled through alveoli of the lungs (responsible for oxygen exchange), which then shows up in exhaled air. If you’re looking to shave off a few pounds, try Lifting Weights To Lose Weight and these tips to Stay Lean For Life.

In the study, morning acetone levels were compared in three groups of participants over a period of 14 days. The group who maintained their normal diet and exercise habits and the group who packed 30-60 minutes of fast walk or jogging to their routine each morning, still had low acetone levels at the end of the study and had lost no fat mass. The third group, who added the same exercise programme and switched to reduced calorie diet, had lost fat and had higher acetone levels.



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