The Ultimate Guide To Gain Muscle And Lose Fat

Should you lift or do cardio? This is the answer

Endurance athletes worry that lifting will slow them down; lifters think cardio will make them skinny.

But both workouts can coexist – with a few simple rules, says University of Tampa exercise physiologist Dr Jacob Wilson, author of a recent concurrent-training study.

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Train in moderation

You’re more likely to overdo it running than cycling. Running uses eccentric-type contractions that may cause damage that can inhibit muscle building.

Don’t choose competing exercises

Your cardio and strength routines should involve similar movements so the muscle memory of one won’t override the other.

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Skip the long, low-key cardio

“Sprinting, which clearly makes you very lean, won’t interfere with strength training,” says Wilson. Why? Because it’s intense and brief, like lifting.

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Your muscle saving cardio plan

Short intervals (10 to 30 seconds) of high-intensity cycling or sprinting, for no longer than 20 minutes at a time (including rest intervals).

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