Fat That Makes You Thinner

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Uhmm… “how can ‘fat’ make me lose fat?” That’s because not all fats are the same, and not all fats are bad for you. A particularly good kinda fat, known as brown fat, which is a type of body fat that is activated when you get cold, can burn calories and help regulate weight, found a new study. But not all fats are good for you – see how other fat attacks.

This has led researchers from the University of California to discover a protein called PRDM16 that can induce precursor cells to develop into brown fat. The researchers found that when the protein interacts with an enzyme known as EHMT1, it produces brown fat. This was tested on genetically altered mice who did not produce the enzyme in the precursor cells that normally make brown fat. In comparison to normal mice, those lacking EHMT1 weighed more, had higher blood glucose levels, had more fat in their livers and were more resistant to insulin. Future studies will have to be undertaken to verify this in humans, and if it is, could lead to a new way to fight obesity. Meanwhile, Fast Away Fat or try these Weird Diets That Work.


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