Fat-Free Facts

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Fact 1: Sleep On Your Side
The Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service says other sleeping positions affect your breathing, wrecking your sleep and 
putting 1 317 more kilojoules in your shopping basket the next day. Dr Colin Chapman says lack of sleep destroys self-control and increases impulse buys.

Lack of sleep can also be linked to weight gain.

Fact 2: Help Your Liver
A study at the Mayo Clinic found that adding a few drops of lemon juice into a glass of water boosts liver function by increasing the bile it produces. Your body uses bile to break down and burn stored fat. Swap your early coffee or tea for zero-kilojoule lemon water instead.

Or try exercises to benefit your liver.

Fact 3: Smell An Orange
The sight and smell of healthy foods can improve your self-discipline. “Smelling an orange reduces the amount of 
kilojoules eaten by subjects by half,” says Nicola Buckland, researcher at the University of Leeds. “Just looking at healthy foodstuffs had a similar effect.”

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