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Sometimes it might feel like you are fighting a losing battle in your attempts to lose weight and get fit. Just when you think you’ve got all the information on the diet that is actually going to work for you, new research comes out to dispel it.

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Every few months there is a new diet. There has been the beer and sausage diet and then the modernised Mediterranean diet.  You’ve been told to eat this fat, not that fat. And that’s not even where it ends

The very popular diet fads that have swept South Africa have been the likes of paleo, low carb, high fat and of course the Tim Noakes diet.

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It’s no wonder you don’t know where to turn to find out exactly what will aid you in your journey to becoming a fitter and healthier you. You’re probably confused by all the advice out there and questioning whether diets even work. But luckily we have the ultimate guide to stop the confusion and start your weight loss journey. THIS is how men should eat! And it is absolutely free, because we like to see the every day Men’s Health man succeed.

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