Eat More, Lose More

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CJ Liebenberg, 28, Klerksdorp, Security Business Owner

Weight: 17kg | Waist: 16cm | Chest: 14cm

CJ Before

Liebenberg used to have to take a breather while tying his shoelaces in the morning. He knew he had to make a change, but he kept postponing it. “I realised that I must do something about it because every time my son asked me to go play cricket there was always an excuse.”
Liebenberg’s main motivation was his health. For three years he struggled to find the right medication for epilepsy. “I used to be very active but then having the seizures meant I wasn’t able to 
do anything,” he says.
The numbers on his scale 
continue to tumble. “I notice small changes in little things 
like playing games with my son. It’s much easier now and you feel a hell of a lot better about yourself. At the same time I stopped smoking. It was quite a lot to take in but, I’m a lot happier.”


Liebenberg’s Top Tips

1. Eat More, Lose More
“The biggest change I made in my diet was eating smaller portion sizes, but eating more often during the day. Because I don’t have time to make six meals, the day before I plan what I’m going to eat the next day. I drink a lot of water, and 
for my in-between snacks I have fruit and unsalted nuts.” He’s cut his soft drinks down from six litres a day to two glasses a weekend.

2. Fry Fat
Liebenberg recommends core 
exercising for increasing stability and strength. “Now I’m doing 
short high intensity training on Mondays and Fridays,” he says. 
“I keep the reps high but the 
resistance low. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I go jogging but it’s also 50m sprints, and then 50m light jogging for about 20 minutes, and then on a Wednesday I do my cardio just in the gym.”

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