This Guy Went From Fat To Fitness Model In Just Four Months

Dale Schluter got his mind and body back on track with a strict lifestyle audit. Here's how he profited.

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Dale was on a mission. His six-pack had left and been replaced with a pot belly – something he was ashamed of. The fat-shedding solution: intense training and a strict diet became the laws he lived by. After just four months, he built a body that any fitness model could flaunt. Here’s his inspiring story:

belly off transformation weight loss inspiration role model
Dale Schluter – Before

1. The Problem

“I was an athlete during my younger years, so I was active and fit. I could eat what I wanted to, and I wouldn’t feel the consequences of a bad diet. After I turned 25, work and travel commitments made it hard to stay in the gym. But then one of my ex-girlfriends complained about the size of my belly. I became self- conscious about it. Even though I have a naturally bigger build and my muscles are well developed from years of sport and gym training, the fat content was piling up fast.”

The Lesson: You’re not getting any younger. You need to work constantly on improving yourself.

belly off transformation weight loss inspiration role model

2. The Change

“I was at a club when a photographer approached me and asked if we could do a shoot, because he found my face appealing. He asked me to lift my shirt – and told me that my belly needed some work. This was the moment I decided that I wanted to better myself. With years of gym experience and diet knowledge, I decided that I needed to go full force into the gym again to get my body back and better than ever. ”

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The Lesson: At times your confidence will be completely shattered, but it’s your job to pick up the pieces and rebuild. You’ll only grow better and stronger.

belly off transformation weight loss inspiration role model

3. The Strategy

“Prioritising my gym and diet was the first step. Cutting out sugar, wheat and dairy was the best thing I ever did for my body and mind. I also did serious muscle training and used great supplements such as BCAA. My muscles were building and reacting positively to my diet change, while the fat started winding down fast. Every day it became easier to take my shirt off.”

The Lesson: Once you consciously decide that you want something, and do the steps needed to reach that goal – you’ll be unstoppable. Mental doubt is the biggest form of failure, before you even start anything.

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belly off transformation weight loss inspiration role model
Dale Schluter – After

4. The Result

“Right now, I’m trying to break into the modelling world, whether it’s fitness modelling or anything that makes use of the body I’ve created over the past four months. My confidence level and mental state have improved vastly. Physically and mentally, I’ve become the person I always wanted to be, and reaching that goal is a feeling like no other. All of that hard work, the diet, and the strength to say no, was for a great cause: self-love.”

The Lesson: Have a game plan, and stick to it. Don’t give up until you’ve done what you needed to do. In the end you’ll discover that your goal was worth more than you realised.

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