Chew Your Food, Manage Your Weight

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Stop gobbling down your meals without chewing them properly first. Time to take it slow, if you want to manage your weight that is (and not choke). A new study found that chewing your food thoroughly might help with managing your weight.

Iowa State University researchers investigated what effect increasing the number of chews per portion had on food intake and appetite among 45 normal-weight, overweight and obese participants. They found that when participants chewed 150% of baseline, food consumption dropped by 9, 5% and when they chewed 200% of baseline, food consumption dropped by 14, 8% (Psst… here’s a Secret Weight Loss Tool). While more chews increased the length of the meal and reduced the eating rate, it didn’t affect their appetite.

They also found that normal-weight participants had a slower eating rate than the overweight and obese participants. Increasing the number of chews per bite of food may reduce food intake and could possibly aid in weight management, say the authors of the study.



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