Build Gym-Free Muscle

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Get Creative with 
Your Home Workouts

Anru Nel, 33, Teacher, Pretoria

Weight: 17kg | Waist: 13cm | Chest: 8cm

Anru Before

Nel had his fair share of challenges beyond losing a spare tyre. He suffers from asthma 
and also had to lose weight to undergo a back operation. He used to wake up in the morning with a feeling of numbness in his feet and legs.

“I went to see the doctor, and I said, ‘I can’t do this any more.’ The doctor told me for every kilo of weight that you carry it puts three kilograms of strain on 
your back, and that’s why my 
legs and feet were sore.”

“I didn’t have any drive to exercise. I moved into a bit of depression for a few months – I drank a whole lot of beer and ate anything I wanted.”
Then he entered the Belly Off! Reader Challenge. “My main motivation was to say that for every kilo I lose, that’s three kilos of strain off my back.”
Anru built his own gym – 
using dumbbells, a medicine ball and implements from his backyard. He filled a 5-litre oilcan with cement and turned it into a kettlebell. “I tried to do the exercises from Men’s Health, just not using the normal conventions.”

It worked. “I’m waking up with no pain in my feet. And at 33 there’s still a lot to live for, and I’ve got two little kids so that’s 
the motivation.”

1. Build Gym-
Free Muscle
“A lot of people 
use the fact that they can’t go to 
a gym as an 
excuse,” says Nel. “Get creative in your house with your gym programme.”

2. Eat More, 
Lose More

“I used to skip a 
lot of meals and I would end up going ballistic at night. But with this programme I was forced me to eat more because I actually got hungry.”

3. Go Green
“I tried to eat as many greens as 
as possible, like broccoli and spinach. I completely removed my fat, and the carbs I took were from things like salad dressing.”

4. Eliminate 
Liquid Carbs
Nel ditched the draughts for a 
less carb-laden cousin – light 
beers. “Because you can’t watch 
rugby and not 
have a beer in 
your hand.”

Anru After

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