Biggest Loser’s Weight Loss Tips

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Losing weight is one thing, staying lean 
is another.  These men did both… 
and they did it through sweat and sacrifice.

Last year’s Men’s Health Belly Off! Reader Challenge ran 
over 12 weeks, with 2 449 guys 
entering the race to reveal their fittest, healthiest self.

Twelve weeks (and more than 215 000 votes) later, and with each entrant weighing in at an average of 4.7kg lighter, we were able to whittle the list down to the Top 10.

They lost a collective total of 130kg… but, as each of them learned, there’s no shortcut to real weight loss. It’s not simply about a deficit 
on a scale, it’s about embracing and living a lifestyle of weight loss using expert nutritional, 
and training, advice.

That’s why our judges picked Anru Nel from Pretoria as the Men’s Health 2013 Belly Off ! 
winner, in recognition of his massive transformation to a leaner, stronger, more confident version 2.0 of himself. Nel and nine other South African men proved that it’s possible to better themselves, and they’re continuing to strip away fat.

Think you could stand to lose a few kilos? It’s time to wise up to these guys’ tried-and-tested 
flab-attacking strategies.

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