Belly Off Eating Plan: Week Eight

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Week 8’s tip: beat the budget blues

• Shop from a list and not when you’re hungry. Otherwise you end up buying unnecessary products.

• Buy non-perishable items in bulk and plan your shopping so that you don’t need to go every day.

• Only buy as much perishable food as you need. Store opened products correctly to enhance shelf-life.

• When buying foods that are on special still compare the price per unit and nutritional value. You don’t want to win on price but lose out on nutritional value.

• Limit the amount of times you eat take-aways or at restaurants.

• Buy seasonal fruit and vegetables – you save money and they taste better too!

• Incorporate more legumes e.g. red kidney beans, lentils into your diet (add legumes to meat dishes and try having a vegetarian meal at least once a week).

• Be aware of paying for expensive packaging and bags. Make a habit of taking your own shopping bags with you to the shops.

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