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VITALS: Kyle Muscat, 23, Howick
OCCUPATION: Personal Trainer
HEIGHT: 1.78m
TIME TO GOAL: 18 months

The Gain
I was always the “fat kid” at school. Being overweight ran on both sides of my family, so I’d come to accept it – that’s the way it was going to be for the rest of my life. I was always uncomfortable with who I was but, as most large people do, I put up a strong, cheerful façade. I can now admit that I had a major eating disorder, although I did try different diets and products, I never stuck to anything for very long.

The change
The change came about when my father was diagnosed with cancer and was given a year to live. At 21 years old, I weighed 123kg and made a conscious decision to do something about it. It took months to start seeing results, as I had no clue what I was doing. After only six months, my father passed away at the young age of 58. I knew I couldn’t go down the same path.

The strategy
I always wanted to join a gym, but was worried about what people would think of me. I set myself a goal of losing 30kg before I would even step into a gym. I reached this goal by making a total lifestyle change – eating right and trying small amounts of outdoor exercise with mates. By November 2009 I had reached my goal and made my way to gym. I started to see incredible changes happening to my body. I had caught the fitness bug!

The reward
I couldn’t be happier – I’m living life to the fullest and loving it. Since then I’ve completely changed career paths. I studied personal training and work as an instructor. After all, who better to help people than someone who has been through it? I’ve completed a Mudman Triathlon (finishing fourth in my category) as well as a Duathlon (finishing sixteenth in my category), which will hopefully be the next step in fitness maintenance for the rest of my life.

The reward
I lost a total of 50kg initially, reaching a goal weight of 73kg within a year. I stayed there for another six months, while trying to fill in the loose skin with lean muscle. I am slowly bringing my weight back up towards 80kg.

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