Belly Off Club: Yazeed Jainodien

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After 280 550 of your votes and 1 038 entries, we’ve found the 10 finalists from the Belly Off Challenge. Together they lost 169kg and 179cm in their quest to become better men. Here are the lessons they’ve learnt, use them to start your own comeback

BELLY OFF FINALIST: Yazeed Jainodien
26, Rondebosch, Manager and Entrepreneur
BEFORE: 103kg
AFTER: 88kg

Belly Off Rule: Technique always trumps power

“I always focus on technique rather than just worrying about power. Don’t ever feel ashamed of what you look like when you’re training, or what others may think. Just by doing something you’re a winner. I couldn’t manage one pull-up before all of this started, now I can have a conversation while doing 10.” Need some help with your technique? Check out our “Perfect Form” video series at

Belly Off Fact

“Visual cues are the best motivators. I have a series of absolutely horrific pictures of my old, fatter self and they remind me of how I was bullied and the horrible comments I received at school. The satisfaction I get now is the perfect motivator to achieve even greater results. I’ve made a goal to get to single digit body fat, and to hit a sub-three hour in my first Cape Argus Cycle Tour in 2013.”

Belly Off Excercise

TRX clap push-ups. “I have many moves that I enjoy doing, but my absolute favourite would be a clap push-up, with my feet tucked into the handles on the TRX system.”

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