Belly Off Club: Lloyd Cele

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Full name: Lloyd Cele
Occupation: Recording Artist/Song Writer/Musician
Age: 30
From: Johannesburg
Height: 1.75m
Weight before: 101kgs
Weight after: 84kgs
Time to goal: 4 months

The Gain
I have to travel a lot, performing locally and internationally, and I neglected my body by eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. After two years of living this way, I became slower, weaker and I was always tired. I had no stamina. Image is very important to my career and I realised that my work was being effected by neglecting my body. That’s when I decided something had to be done.

The Change
My wife and my family were my inspiration because they were honest enough to tell me the one thing I refused to hear: “you’re fat.” Once I had realised how out of control I had let my body become, I changed my diet and started jogging three kilometres, three times a week. I drank lots of water and hit the gym at least twice a week for the first month. When it came to my gigs, I became conscious of what and when I was eating; I carried my shakes and QuickTrim supplements everywhere. I took charge of my life and remained disciplined, and I started to see some positive changes.

The Strategy
I started with setting a realistic goal – five kilos in two months, but lost that in a month. My main strategy when it came to food was eating low carb, adding more protein and eliminating fat! But I also changed the way I prepared my meals – making sure they were always steamed, grilled or raw – and learnt to downsize my portions. I started to weigh my food, drink lots of water, eat at the right times and have a healthy snack, like a health bar, in between meals. I made sure my training was consistent: I bought a bike and cycled every second day for five kilometres.

The Reward
I now have the body I have always dreamt of. I look younger and I feel good. I’m more confident on stage, I have more stamina when I am performing, and I’m more energetic and lively. I don’t just have energy for the stage: but I’m also able to play more with my two kids. Most importantly, I’m proud of what I have achieved.

The Result
I lost 17kg, and most importantly I’ve made my healthy habits part of my a lifestyle.

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