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Krien Kistnasami 
shed his belly and you can, too!

Krien Kistnasami,
24, Johannesburg
OCCUPATION: Community Manager – 
Social Media
: 10 months

The Gain

I have been overweight all my life – I was a chubby child and I thought it was just “puppy fat”, but when I hit my teens it was clear that I wasn’t going to grow out of it. I never knew when to draw the line and often overindulged. My diet was made up of fast food, chocolate, sweets and all washed down with plenty of alcohol over the weekends. If being 
a couch potato were a sport, I would have been a pro athlete!

The Change

At the end of 
2011 I was chatting with friends 
about the long term repercussions of being overweight. That’s when it hit me; I was really messing up my life! At 
age 23 I was tired of feeling 83, so I made a New Year’s resolution and I enlisted the help of 
my friend and gym partner, Kamal Ramjee.

The Strategy

I had no idea what to do at the gym so Kamal started me off with cardio. I went from being a gym novice to going six days a week for 60 to 120 minutes per session. All sessions included high-intensity interval training cardio with 30 to 40 minutes on the step machine, the exercise bike and the elliptical glider. My diet also got a makeover: I cut down on carbs and junk food, and made way for protein and vegetables. I went cold turkey and cut out all sugar, and for the first time in my life water became important. I even gave up smoking! I allowed myself one cheat a week, although this always 
left me feeling guilty.

The Reward

My energy levels are high from the time I wake up until I go to bed and I hardly ever feel tired. Nowadays after a game of action cricket I’m ready and hyped to play another match. I can run 10km and still pop into the gym for some ab exercises! I’m always up for a challenge and now I don’t have to think of my weight holding me back. My confidence is sky high. Being overweight is not only a health risk but it limits you from enjoying life to the max.

The Result

I’ve gone from a XXXL T-shirt to a medium. My waist is down from 119cm to 90cm, that’s a size 46 to a 33 or 34! My total weight loss in 10 months? A whopping 45kg.

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