Belly Off Club: Jairus Thomas

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After 280 550 of your votes and 1 038 entries, we found the 10 finalists from the Belly Off Challenge. Together they lost 169kg and 179cm in their quest to become better men. These are the lessons Jairus Thomas learnt, use them to start your own comeback


Jairus Thomas
22, Amanzimtoti, Honours student
BEFORE: 93kg
AFTER: 82kg

Belly Off Rule: Doing too much can be worse than doing nothing

“Overtraining is as unproductive as not training at all and could potentially lead to your body reaching a stage where your muscles are being broken down and not given enough time to heal to become stronger (so you lose muscle mass). Change up your exercise routine regularly as this will keep your muscles guessing and prevent you from reaching a premature plateau. Also, when performing weight training exercises ensure that you perform the exercise with correct form. This will prevent injury and increase the effectiveness of each rep, resulting in the best muscle development.”

Belly Off FACT

“Anything is possible with the three Ds.”
“Dedication, determination and dumbbells.”


The dead lift. “When performed correctly, this exercise simultaneously targets every muscle in your body and ignites your core.”

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