Belly Off Club: Dirk Coetzee

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Belly Off Finalist, Dirk Coetzee, lost 13kg in 1 weeks. These are his weight-loss tips


Dirk Coetzee
29, Wilgeheuwel, Business Analyst
BEFORE: 103kg
AFTER: 90kg

Belly Off Rule

Procrastination and a lack of goals are your biggest obstacles

“My main goal was to lose weight and strengthen my core. I injured my back a couple of years ago and if I didn’t do something drastic soon I’d end up having to go for a disc fusion or replacement. It was affecting my day-to-day life as I was in constant pain and couldn’t focus. The pain in my back is now almost non-existent thanks to my weight loss and muscle gain. I made sure that I set goals which required me to stay in shape. I’m a karate student, and focused on training for the Gauteng Championships on 28th July and the Nationals in August. I also added the 94.7 Cycle Challenge and the Midmar Mile to my list of goals. I try to involve others in activities which will motivate me to train when I’m not feeling up to it. The best time to start is now! A lot of people say, ‘I’ll start my diet tomorrow or next week’. Procrastination is what’s keeping you from your goal, it’s the enemy!”

Belly Off Fact

“Your last rep in most cases isn’t the last rep your body can perform.”

“But the right technique is still the most important factor, so rather use a lighter weight than the 50kg dumbbell the bodybuilder next to you is using in the gym.”

Belly Off Exercise


“It’s safer than benching and you can do as many reps as you want (until your muscles fail). This will force your body to get stronger.”

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