Belly Off Club: Ashraf Allie

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After 280 550 of your votes and 1 038 entries, we’ve found the 10 finalists from the Belly Off Challenge. Together they lost 169kg and 179cm in their quest to become better men. Here are the lessons they’ve learnt, use them to start your own comeback


Ashraf Allie
34, Cape Town, IT Specialist
BEFORE: 89.8kg
AFTER: 73.4kg

Belly Off Rule:

There are no shortcuts
“The biggest lesson I learnt was that I’m the only one that can make myself better. There are no miracle weight loss tablets. If I want to look and feel healthier, I need to eat healthily and train. The real secret comes in your motivation. Mine was to do it for my son, he’s only 18 months old and because I’m not young anymore I want to be fit and healthy enough to play all sorts of sport with him in years to come. There were many times that I wanted to give up but the support of family and friends helped me through. My wife is also a constant reminder. Every time I attempt to have something “bad” she slapped me, and not in a good way! I also like knowing that the lighter I get, the more it’ll help me with my racing, which is my favourite hobby. Less weight equals better times! The last bit of motivation comes from the flattering comments I keep getting.” For more motivation secrets, check out the MH Belly Off Guide (R59,

Belly Off FACT:

“People will respect you more when you put in the effort.”
“People tend to respect me more now as they realise how much dedication this takes. Updating my Facebook status showing I’m at gym at ungodly hours could possibly play a role in that too.”

Belly Off Exercise

Decline Bench Press. “It worked more of my chest muscles than any other chest exercise,” says Allie. For even more muscle recruitment, do the decline press with dumbbells instead of a barbell.

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