Belly Off Club: Alex Diana

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After 280 550 of your votes and 1 038 entries, we’ve found the 10 Belly Off Challenge finalists. Alex Diana didn’t win the competition, but then he did also lose 17kgs, so…


Alexander Gregory Diana
21, Glenwood, Law student
BEFORE: 112kg
AFTER: 95kg

Belly Off Rule

Find your favourites, and stick to them

“It’s a reality that not everyone will enjoy the gym. Some hate the environment, some hate pushing weights, so find what you enjoy and do it regularly. It could be swimming, kettlebells, yoga or cycling. The gym isn’t the be all and end all of a healthy lifestyle. Most people can’t find time for the gym everyday but what about skipping at home or going for a run? There’s no excuse to not do that. Do what fits your lifestyle, unless of course your lifestyle involves pies, chips and movie marathons. Stick with the regime and the rewards will make it all worthwhile.”

Belly Off Fact

“Spend less time talking and more lifting. Don’t talk in the gym. Train and you’ll be out of there in under an hour. You can’t complain about not having any time for gym if you waste it chatting to people or on your phone.”

Belly Off Exercise

Dead lifts. “They’re a compound movement that activates many muscle groups. They helped me build a more solid back, bigger legs and stronger shoulders. I recommended doing dead lifts and all the other compound movements (barbell bench, squat, clean and press and military press) in at least one session per week.”

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