How This Dad Became Fit For His Family

He lost 13kg in just 12 weeks. Now he has more energy to play with his son.

Thaaqib Daniels |

Weighing in at 86KG, Adeeb Abdurahman came across the #DanVsJason weight loss challenge and, with some encouragement from his wife, took on the next 12 weeks with confidence. He stopped snoozing his alarms multiple times in the morning and started working out before work (without ditching time with the kids). He even got back into soccer training with more discipline than before. This is his story.

Adeeb Abdurahman

Adeeb – Before
  • Location: Cape Town
  • Occupation: Business Analyst
  • Age: 33
  • Weight Before: 86kg
  • Weight After: 72.7kg
  • Time To Goal: 12 weeks

The Wake Up Call

“My two-year-old son wanted to ride his bike and play in the park one day. It didn’t take long for me to lose my breath while running alongside him. My son would throw tantrums when I told him that playtime is over because I was tired,” Adeeb says. “That’s when I realised that I am a role model to my little boy but I wasn’t setting the best example by being unfit. It wasn’t fair to the rest of my family because I was always tired and had no energy to spend time with them.”

The Big Step

I changed my lifestyle from snoozing my alarm multiple times in the morning to becoming an early riser and going to gym for at least 45 minutes before work – without compromising family time.

“I also got back into playing soccer after three years in order to develop a more disciplined routine. With the help of my wife, I also managed to cut out fast foods and gassy drinks by planning meals for the week on Sundays as well as cooking healthier meals.”

The Result


“Since changing my lifestyle I have lost 13KG and I have become more active and energetic. My self esteem has also escalated. I now fit into jeans that I bought four years ago and never wore because they were too small for me. My advice to others would be to find their motivating factor – for me, this was, and will always be, my family.”

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