5 Ways To Burn Fat Sitting Down

Men's Health |

1/ Beet a Retreat

University of Exeter researchers found that the nitric oxide in beetroot improves circulation immediately, so eat one after lunch to back up your metabolism. Beetroot ramps up alertness and makes your evening gym session 20% more effective.

2/ The Desktop Six-Pack

Turn clearing your emails into a workout. “On your seat’s edge, tense your abs, lean back, lift your feet and hold it for 10-second bursts,” says Joakim Christoffersson, author of Nano Workouts. Twice daily for a week has the effect of a full abs session.

3/ Pepper the Fat

“If you have to be stuck in a chair all day, you need your metabolism firing as fast as it can,” says nutritional scientist Christine Bailey. “Cayenne pepper is the best condiment to accelerate it.

Keep it in your drawer; shake it on everything.

4/ Expand in Vein

Keep a stash of macadamias at hand – new research has found that they’re the most effective snack to maintain a healthy circulatory system. They’re also high in protein, which keeps your blood sugar level steady, warding off the post-lunch carb-binge.

5/ Hit Stress In The Neck

The stress hormone cortisol sends you snack hunting. Flush it from your system by tilting your head back. Boston University found that your neck is a pressure valve; roll your head 10 times each way to lower your blood cortisol – and desire for the cookie jar.