3 Things You Need To Know About The #DanvsJason Weight Loss Challenge

Join in and you could win a R10 000 adidas shopping experience.

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The Dan vs Jason Weight Loss Challenge is in full-force and the last we heard, talk show host Dan Nicholl gave up his obsession with jelly babies. We also have insider information that comedian Jason Goliath gave up all junk food and is now strictly eating chicken fillet and salad.

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Jokes aside, the two entertainment heavyweights plan on losing some serious weight, and we’re on board to help. Join them in their weight loss journey and you could win a R10 000 adidas shopping experience. Here’s how!

The Back Story

Recently, Dan and Jason revealed on The Dan Nicholl Show that they will go head-to-head to see who will lose the most body fat percentage by the time season nine of the show kicks off in April.

But through all the laughter, sweat, and tears, Dan and Jason hope that the weight loss challenge will be the start of a much needed lifestyle change.

“I turned 40 earlier this year, I’ve got two young kids and I’m definitely not as light, trim or chiselled as I should be,” Dan told us. “I want to be healthy and I want to be good for my kids so I want to learn to eat a little better, learn to exercise a little more, and generally just be a healthier person.”

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The two share similar sentiments of wanting to be better men, in better health, so they can share more valuable moments with their loved ones.

They’ve lived very busy lifestyles, and with the constant travelling that comes with the demands of their jobs, they’ve completely avoided working out. But not anymore, with the challenge allowing them to take part in a variety of intense workouts, like training with The Lions rugby club.

At the start of December, Dan weighed in at 108.6kg, with Jason weighing in at 144.4kg. And with their newfound love for sticking to a strict diet and working out, they aim to be on the cover of MH come April 2019.

The Challenge

Whether you’re #TeamDan or #TeamJason, we want you to join in on their weight loss challenge. And with the new year around the corner, it’s the best time to start!

All you have to do is take a photo with our December issue, as well as another on a scale to verify your weight. You then have to post it on Twitter or Instagram and tag @menshealthza and hashtag #danvsjason.

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You then have until 25 March 2019 to lose the weight. Take another photo of your weight loss with the March issue of Men’s Health on 25 March, upload it with the same tags and hashtags, and you could win big!

The Prize

The winner who, like Dan and Jason, loses the most amount of weight, wins – and the prize is epic, with adidas giving the winners a shopping experience to the value of R10 000. Dan will also join the winner for the shopping experience, plus you will feature on the ninth season premiere of the Dan Nicholl Show come April.

Up for the challenge? Tag us throughout your weight loss journey! 

Handle: @menshealthza on Instagram and Twitter.

Hashtags: #teamdan #teamjason #danvsjason

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