Your Guide To (Almost Painless) Manscaping

Trim it and bear it.

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Manscaping. If you think it’s only swimmers, triathletes and metrosexuals who choose to tame their body hair, think again. When it comes to fluff below the neckline, new research by VSforMen has found that 70 per cent of Australian Millennials and Gen X women prefer men to trim their body hair rather than shave it off or leave it to run wild.

Interesting, huh? But before going to town on your body hair, it’s worth knowing that hair trimming and removal are different for all body parts. Let’s not beat around the bush: what works for one area might be a hard no for another.

Wondering where to start? Take a seat, Wolverine. We’ve got you covered.

Chest Hair

Already imagining Steve Carell getting his chest mat ripped off in The 40-Year-Old Virgin? Same. But trust us: it doesn’t have to be that excruciating. “The best way to manage chest hair would be to stay on top of it by trimming monthly – or more frequently, depending on how hairy you are. That way it becomes less of an ordeal,” says Jules Tognini, VSforMen grooming expert. In terms of tools, Tognini has this advice: “For manscaping, you need something versatile and easy to use.”

The Braun Multi Grooming Kit 7-in-1 Face and Body Trimming will safely and accurately maintain all areas of your body.


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Your Jewels

Do not put a razor near your junk. Repeat: do not put a razor near your junk. For short and curlies, you need a body trimmer or depilatory cream. With a body trimmer you can trim it all to a shorter, more uniform length. “Keep the length on the shorter side as it will make you look bigger,” says Tognini, a
touch presumptuously, perhaps.

There aren’t a lot of good reasons for shaving your marbles, but if you’re going to do it, do it right. A body trimmer is the best tool for the job – just be sure to pull the skin taut with each pass and never put the trimmer directly on your skin. “Always keep the guard on the tool as there could be blood and tears,” Try the Philips Series 1000 Body Groomer.


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The Back

There are some areas of hair worth keeping around. A back-and-shoulder rug is not one of them. “[Getting rid of back hair] on a weekly basis will make the job less of 3 a chore.” Use a body trimmer for this area, too, as it’s susceptible to breakouts. If you lack the flexibility of a yogi, ask your partner or roomie to lend a hand. The BakBlade 2.0 can be held in multiple positions to help you reach anywhere on your back. (R699,


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Arms and Legs

The skin on your arms and legs is a lot less irritable, so you can opt either for a body groomer if you simply want to trim it down, or a depilatory cream, wax or razor. “Trim legs and arms if they are massively hairy, but otherwise there’s nothing wrong with a bit of hair – it’s natural for men to have hair, especially on the arms and legs,” says Tongini.


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The Four Commandments Of Manscaping

  1. Always go against the grain
  2. To avoid ingrown hairs, moisturise the hair beforehand.
  3. Make sure you blend the line between body parts (ie. shoulders into arms).
  4. Don’t go too short. It can get prickly.

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