These 7 All-Natural Bee Products Will Improve Your Life

It's time we celebrate this hardworking insect.

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Bees play an essential role in our ecosystem. Along with other pollinators, they’re responsible for pollinating more than half of the world’s crops. As today marks World Bee Day, we celebrate the role these pollinators play in our lives. The day coincides with the birthday of Anton Janša, who pioneered modern beekeeping in the 1800s.

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In honour of World Bee Day, we’ve rounded up our favourite products of the hardworking insect:

1. Eat Naked Raw Honey Jar

Honey has become increasingly popular over the years as many people banish sugar from their diet. This alternative sweetener from Eat Naked is all natural, pure honey goodness. The honey is unheated and unprocessed with nothing being added or taken away from it. Consuming honey will help with your digestion and protect you against seasonal allergies.

2. African Bliss Honey Beeswax Handmade Soap

This soap from African Bliss contains both honey and beeswax – two incredible ingredients that will keep your skin hydrated and moisturised. The soap is an amazing cleanser perfect for those with sensitive skin. The honey found in the soap has antibacterial properties, while the beeswax heals damaged skin.

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3. Simply Bee Antiseptic Balm

Struggling with some kind of skin ailment? This antiseptic balm can help you out. Formulated using beeswax, propolis, sweet almond oil myrrh and tea tree essential oil, the balm should be an essential addition to your household first aid kit. The balm can treat psoriasis, sunburn, cold sores, rashes, insect bites, eczema and other skin ailments.

4. Bee Natural Spicy Ginger Muscle Rub

Over worked your muscles at the gym? Rub some of this spicy ginger muscle rub over your muscles. The spicy blend of ginger, sweet marjoram and lavender essential oils work together to soothe the pain. This natural solution will also work for arthritis, rheumatism and other stiff muscles.

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5. Simply Bee Cleansing Cream

Wash away all the grease that builds up on your face with this cleansing cream. It’s a 100% natural face wash suitable for those with sensitive skin. It’s gentle enough to use every day and will leave your skin feeling pampered.


R 112


6. Bee Pure Anti Itch Balm

Find yourself being bitten more often than not? Use this anti itch balm. It’s a natural ointment made from essential oils, beeswax and grapeseed. The ointment provides relief from bug bites, itchy rashes and minor wounds. Its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory analgesic properties will soothe all irritating skin conditions.

7. Simply Bee Insect Repellent Spray

Going on a hike? Arm yourself as you head into bug infested woods. This insect repellant will keep all those pesky bugs at bay. The ingredients are all natural, so while the insects will find its presence irritating, the spray won’t cause them any harm. Spray a small amount on all your exposed areas.


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